The baleful light of the dog days…

It’s been a long, hot summer already, and it’s not even quite over yet. Oppressive heat and a chaotic social and financial climate seem to be breeding a carnivalistic climate of nihilistic violence in the streets of London, while here in the States many of us are hunkering down in a previously WWII-era British style grim and quiet desperation.

At a time like this, the catharsis of the apocalyptic can offer a respite, some temporary relief. I personally have been hiding in the air conditioning and sighing wistfully over The Day After Tomorrow‘s maliciously near-sentient freezes.

And it seems I’m not the only one seeking literary or filmic apocalypse. Talk of the Nation offered a recent show on just a small sampling of the potential films detailing the end of the world as we know it (and what comes after…) while Morning Edition took a look at the pleasure so many filmmakers take in destroying Los Angeles (full disclosure: having lived in LA for a number of years, I will admit that I take an inordinate amount of pleasure watching familiar places take it on the chin…)

On that note, if you can stand Keanu Reeves’ acting, it’s worth watching Constantine just to watch Hell race in to take over the streets of LA.

In addition to the summer heat, I’ve suffering with a late summer cold, so I’m behind on my podcasts. This one is up next on my iPod, and I’m especially looking forward to hearing Zizek’s take on our end-of-days stance.