This is the year the world ends…

…or not. Maybe. I guess we’ll see.

Meanwhile, the apocalyptophiliac has been hunkered down, not out of any fear that The End was actually approaching (wasn’t Harold Camping supposed to get another chance at the brass ring on the 21st of October?) but in order to meet a few deadlines which merely FELT like they were going to bring my world to an end. And now we’re back for the new year.

As the film critic for NPR’s Fresh Air and New York Magazine, David Edelstein has pointed out, apocalypse is still a important concern for so many these days, though an interesting NY Times Magazine piece from this weekend suggests that, for many, the “millennial angst” may be receding.

I’m not convinced, personally. I’ve been following politics rather obsessively of late, and I can smell that characteristic odor of rot and soot in so much of what the candidates are saying, even when they couch their message in the most optimistic language. For every sigh of relief that the End has come and gone (again), there is another hand-wringing assertion that this is the last chance to avoid falling into the pit…


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