Sniffle, sneeze, cough…

So I’ve been fighting a respiratory infection that has had me curled up under the covers, willing to trade any potential zombie infection or transgenic virus if only some mad scientist will invent a cure for the flu. Not a shot, mind you (I had a shot and I made it through the 11/12 flu season just fine) but an actual cure, something you can take when your housemate comes home from a business trip dripping all over the doorknobs. I don’t think I have been this sick in years (and that is saying something) and coming as it did immediately after my housemate made his above-mentioned trip (to Chicago, eek!), I should have known.  At least I had bad horror movies on Netflix to keep my mind (somewhat) off my misery.

Coming back to my computer today, I see that we’ve got a resurgent strain of apocalyptic thinking in the air recently; call it “return of the Obama monster” meme.  If we get another term from a centrist technocratic Democrat, it will be the end of American civilization as we know it.  OMG, teh Horror!!  Now, I expect this kind of thinking from Glen ‘never heard a conspiracy theory he couldn’t revel in‘ Beck and Bill O’Reilly (though honestly the comments on subjects like these are always far worse than anything Mr. O’Reilly has ever said).  Though I’m a bit surprised at some of the outrage, because who really pays attention to a nutjob like Ted Nugent?

But now the paranoia has gone mainstream: even the presumptive Republican presidential candidate is parroting the ‘unencumbered by the thought processlies and scaremongering of the NRA.  Meanwhile, others are suggesting that in order to save the country, we should drive it off an economic cliff.  Sadly, this kind of “we had to destroy the country to save it…” thinking seems to be rampant.  Alas, it’s the “end times” for America.  Literally, for some folks, Obama may be the Anti-Christ.  For others it’s simply back to the ‘good old days’ of the grand Soviet threat, where President Obama is not merely a liberal or a Democrat (which would be bad enough), he is in fact a crypto-communist of the old, Stalinist school.

On the bright side, though, I may have found my long lost soul sister.  Under the Mountain Bunker is my most favorite new thing this week.  Maybe this month, though I haven’t sat down to watch Melancholia yet, so maybe I’ll hold off on declaring the month for a little while longer.


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