Remember when…

…the Japanese were buying lots of property in cities like Los Angeles, and everyone was in a panic?  Well, it’s time to be worried about the Chinese now, apparently.  Of course, I am more worried about countries looking outside their borders to buy up farmland (and the water rights that go along with it) in order to preempt trading for food commodities that are expected to become more and more scarce, and therefore more expensive, in the future.

How I managed to not find out about this site until today is beyond me, and I plan to take the time to delve deep into the fear and panic-mongering in the coming days!

On war reporting

One corollary of my interest in the apocalyptic is an interest in war and War, both war as a mundane, eternal practice and War as a central force in the human experience.  In my efforts to follow both of these streams, sometimes I come across things which are important, powerful and moving both for their subject matter and also for their style.  Like this.  I don’t know Gelhorn that well, I think at best I’ve read maybe half a dozen of her pieces, primarily on World War II, and I didn’t know of Susie Linfield at all until now.  I definitely need to follow her work from now on.