We made it…

or did we?

While some people went to bed a week ago noting that, despite the reelection of the President, their guns did not magically disappear (nor did concentration camps magically spring into life), others (lots and lots and lots and lots and LOTS of others) seem, shall we say, less than sanguine?

As the election drew closer I found myself drawn into a vortex of political news, fascinated and unable to look away from any of it; the polls, the overheated coverage of “Mittmentum”, the endless rounds of fact-checking and counter fact-checking, the last-minute ads saturated with flop sweat, and above all the rancid slime of unhinged rage that floated over everything thanks to unmediated comment sections and the proliferation of conspiracy-obsessed fringe websites.  Through it all I held to a moratorium I established for myself: since I could not guarantee that I would not hop into my waders and take to the swamp, I wouldn’t post anything for a week before or a week after the election.

Though many are still angry or at least agitated, I find myself energized but blessedly calm and ready to get back to (finally get to?) regular posting on more topical issues.  I can’t promise that this space will remain clear of explicitly political material, I think I’ll find it easier to keep my eyes on the target and keep myself from making too many snarky asides.  Maybe.  Hopefully.


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