News about this came in over the transom this afternoon, causing much speculation and musing hereabouts.  Apparently these helpful kits are being sold for about $27 bucks, though no word on how you go about making substitutions (I’d prefer crackers and cheese or peanut butter to a can of fish).

I was actually quite surprised that no one has hopped onto the apocalypse kit bandwagon here in the U.S. (arguably the home of apocalyptic panic).  Oh, sure, you can find things from the people who take it absolutely seriously, but there are fewer people than I was expecting seem to be taking this in the appropriate spirit (as a way to fleece the rubes tongue in cheek way to gin up some revenue).  This is charming, and the folks at ThinkGeek always seem to come up with great stuff, but you’d think someone in the land where everything  becomes an opportunity for consumerism would have come up with this kind of thing first.


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