It’s beginning to look a lot like apocalypse

(I’m just gonna go ahead and flagrantly rip off that title, because though they decided against using it, I think it works so much better as a headline than “No End in Sight for Doomsday”, though I did see what you did there, NY Times editor!)

Just got around to reading the news for Friday (Sunday is when I catch up) and saw this lovely piece in the Times.  Mike Hale deserves kudos for joining the current trend of journalists cheerfully calling BS where they previously felt bound by the strictures of “objectivity” and “fairness.”

“All three shows play a double game, noting either the absurdity or the sheer speculativeness of their subject matter while merrily fearmongering. “The Mayan Apocalypse” even takes time to note piously the negative consequences of giving attention to specious predictions, which is exactly what it’s doing.”


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